100 and counting

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I missed my baby’s 100 days old anniversary day. I thought it was today (meaning Friday) but it was yesterday (Thursday). I guess this makes me a bad mama. Can I blame leap year? Or maybe that extra day in October – it always takes me by surpprise. And then there is the fact that I am studying English in grad school and we English grad students are known for being bad at math. Oh well.

By chance I happened to videotape her that day. I was thinking she was going to roll over (she didn’t) so I kept videotaping her. I have about 20 or 30 minutes (not all together) of her lying on her tummy. I would stop the tape when she would begin to get upset (didn’t want the viewers to think me a bad mama)and then start it up each time she looked particulaly rolly.

I don’t mind that she isn’t rolling over yet – I just want to make sure I am not holding her back. I try to give her adequate amounts of tummy time – and back time. I also turn her over when she looks like she is close to rolling so that her mind will understand the concept of turning over. While in truth I don’t mind her staying stationary for a bit longer (less to worry about – and in truth there is already so much I can choose to worry about) I want to make sure she has all her options open.

I can feel you all judging me. I AM NOT THAT KIND OF MOM, really I’m not. I am fine whenever she learns to do each and every thing. I would rather she is laid back about it all. Just so long as she is laid back and I’m not holding her back. See, what I’m not saying here is that I’m (we’re actually) thinking she might not be trying to roll over because of the cloth diapers.

Yup, she wears cloth diapers. The big old, old fashioned and bulkiy kind of cloth diapers. So, these bulky diapers are so unwieldy they might be keeping her stationary (which is wonderful at night with the whole sleep on her back thing) but may be an impediment for turning.

We do put her in paper diapers sometimes – but paper or cloth she is much more interested in trying to crawl – than in trying to turn.

So, with all these thoughts running around in my mind you can see how we missed her 100 day birthday. Hopefully we’ll catch the 200th day. Maybe I should start counting now.

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