Whew! Nobody light a match – mama’s been eating broccolii


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Here is yet another way I am a bad mama (social services is going to be coming by soon if I’m not careful). I eat broccoli. I also eat cabbage – ooh but I love cabbage. And edamame and hummus and eggs and milk……….
Hold on, you are thinking, what is wrong with that. They all sound like healthy food choices there little mama.
I feel your logic gentle reader – but, healthy is not alway best when breast is best!
What? you question again.
Well, all these foods are known agents of a little something we call gas (oh, I forgot – I also eat yummy yummy beans). The “they” and “them” who live inside parenting books warn against consuming all he foods I eat daily. As with many of their other suggestions, I ignore them (and yet I keep reading – it’s like a car wreck!).
Yup, I keep eating these gassy foods and so – qed and drum roll please —- baby is gassy.
But, (no pun intended) we are very lucky. Instead of screaming in pain, baby farts – and farts and farts and farts …. ad infinitum. This can all be rather embarassing when she does this (loudly – oh so loudly) in public – or a new friends arms. But, the only other option is for me to sit around eating cookies (there is no grey area in my diet). So she will continue farting – and farting and farting and farting….

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