fingers and toes and then some

fingers and toes

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When babies are born you are told to count the fingers and count the toes – I forgot to but I figured someone would have told me if some were missing. What is often not mentioned is to look between the fingers and toes. Not immediately, or perhaps this is a case where sooner is better applies. Well, we didn’t know or think to look between these perfect digits. We dutifully bathed Annabel – scrubbing those beauties.
But, one day, while nursing her I noticed something – in between the fingers and toes are folds. We had gotten them pretty clean… by accident.
But – and here is the big one – in between those folds between the teeny tiny fingers and toes are….. more folds. And, yup, you guessed it, they collect lint and dirt and icky gunk. Somehow those folds that are buried so deep within other folds that it took (sadly I admit) over a month for us to find can somehow collect so much ick that you could start a collection (if you were the type of person to collect finger and toe icky gunk lint).
Now (since we are good parents… except for that month plus while the debris collected) I clean between her fingers and toes every time I nurse. Yuparooski – Every Single Time!!! Because somehow our Annabel who can’t walk, can’t crawl, can’t even grasp things in her hands still manages to accumulate the gunkiest ick between her fingers and toes on an hourly basis.
Who knew babies were so dirty.
And don’t even mention those neck folds……!

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