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fingers and toes and then some

fingers and toes

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When babies are born you are told to count the fingers and count the toes – I forgot to but I figured someone would have told me if some were missing. What is often not mentioned is to look between the fingers and toes. Not immediately, or perhaps this is a case where sooner is better applies. Well, we didn’t know or think to look between these perfect digits. We dutifully bathed Annabel – scrubbing those beauties.
But, one day, while nursing her I noticed something – in between the fingers and toes are folds. We had gotten them pretty clean… by accident.
But – and here is the big one – in between those folds between the teeny tiny fingers and toes are….. more folds. And, yup, you guessed it, they collect lint and dirt and icky gunk. Somehow those folds that are buried so deep within other folds that it took (sadly I admit) over a month for us to find can somehow collect so much ick that you could start a collection (if you were the type of person to collect finger and toe icky gunk lint).
Now (since we are good parents… except for that month plus while the debris collected) I clean between her fingers and toes every time I nurse. Yuparooski – Every Single Time!!! Because somehow our Annabel who can’t walk, can’t crawl, can’t even grasp things in her hands still manages to accumulate the gunkiest ick between her fingers and toes on an hourly basis.
Who knew babies were so dirty.
And don’t even mention those neck folds……!

lucky kitty kisses


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I am still pumping milk for Annabel – both so she’ll have a bottle and to increase my milk supply. So, I will post more.
Annabel is still 10 weeks as I post this – and still sleeping. That begins my thoughts on luck. Mike and I are lucky that Annabel is a good sleeper. We did absolutely nothing to make this happen – besides feeding her and holding her. We don’t even have a bedtime routine yet – when do you start making one… hopefully we have time.
Mike and I are lucky to have Annabel. There were complications from day one. My pregnancy involved too many bloodtests, too many medications, and too too much bedrest (not to mention too much bedroom ceiling collapsing during a rain storm). Then, we discovered Annabel was apparently too active inside and tied her cord in a knot. A bad thing. She was a bright girl and decided to come out early before this caused any harm. So, lucky lady luck kissed us and here’s Annabel. She of the big stomach which makes for long sleeps.
I am lucky on a personal level that Annabel’s head is only in the 25th percentile because – yup – labor was that much easier.
We are lucky are cats are doing so well with her. Not much jealousy (except for Leo having to sit on the lap of whoever is holding Annabel). Gromit doesn’t quite understand what she is. But Gracie knows, and yet she still hasn’t been mean.
We are crazy lucky that she is the most beautiful baby in the whole world. Plus she is, of course, advanced for her age. She can already crawl (when we put our hands behind her feet). Poor thing, she is not good at tummy time because as soon as we put her down she grips the blanket and tries to pull herself forward (grunting, huffing and puffing, and making many sounds of utter frustration). But, she is able to do this because (again) we are lucky she has such a small head.
I am lucky that Mike loves her so much!!! And, he loves me too, so he spoils both of us – too much sometimes.
Yup, luck gave me Mike and Annabel. All those stars and pennies paid off I guess.

our gamble with parenting

gambling girl

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So, it is somewhere between 2 and 3 am. Mike and Annabel are down for the night and I am looking for some entertainment as I pump milk. So, I blog. Annabel is 10 weeks old – and perfect I might add. Mike and I are discovering what kind of parents we are (the good kind in case you were wondering). But, if you want to know what that means – read on and I’m sure I’ll tell you something. Something someone has disliked most likely.
Parenthood is suppose to change you. No more having fun on the town with friends. No more drinking or card nights. We decided to ignore this dictum and just force our friends to abide evenings with Annabel.
Just kidding, kind of.
Our friends now come to us with cards in hand and the fun continues. Annabel even joins in. However, before you start thinking – wow, they have their own lucky charm – you should know that whomever was holding her tended to lose the round.
We decided to work Annabel into our lives instead of succumbing to her baby charms. This doesn’t mean we aren’t at her beck and call – quite the opposite – she has spent the first 10 weeks of her life in someones arms. When her pediatrician asks if she is generally a happy baby who doesn’t cry too much we can truthfully answer yes. But, she doesn’t cry much because we are always right there waiting for a gesture or glance from her to tell us what she needs.
So, you might be wondering how and when we are going to let her self-soothe or just cry it out… Ain’t gonna happen. We don’t let our cats meow for long when they are lonely or need loving. Mike doesn’t make me sit in some other room if I’m having a bad day. So why on earth would we force that on a helpless infant.
Don’t fret that we don’t know what we are doing and are gambling with Annabel’s future happiness – naysayers have already cast their negative votes LOUDLY. She is happy and trusts we’ll meet her needs. I am happy. These two things make Mike happy.
So, now that I’ve spilt the milk or beans on this philosophy of ours, you won’t be shocked if the words – family bed or cloth diapers – should come up. Hey, our cats get to sleep with us, mind you they are luckily all potty trained . But I’ll save those dreadful details for another post.

No Saints in the Pro-Bowl?

That seems wrong to me, should every team have at least one rep? Heck even Miami is sending someone.

Anniversary and more

yesterday was Annabel’s baby naming. Her new hebrew name is Nessa which means miracle. Her name is a reference to the miracle of having a child and the holiday that was close to yesterday, Hanukkah.

Today she turned two months old. Everyday she does something new and amazing and yet it seems like she has always been with us. I can’t wait to what the future will bring.

Speaking of amazing, yesterday was also the sixth anniversary of my first date¬†with Mandy. In six short years we have managed to fall in love become a family and bring a new life into the world…

Wow, can’t wait to seem what’s next.

The future of phones, Android

The husband of one of the better half’s good friends was interviewed on a recent Google Code Blog podcast about what was a big secret the last time he was in New Orleans (I guessed he was on the project, but he wouldn’t confirm then). Jason Parks on Android.

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giggle moment

hee hee, best unintentional cake innuendo ever.