Monthly Archive for October, 2007

Idiot junk faxer from Florida keeps faxing my cell, argh

so I filed an FCC complaint today against some idiot real estate agent from florida who keep trying to send faxes to my cell phone. 561-697-3135 has made a monthly habit of dialing my personal cell phone number and beeping in my ear. Plus the number is in a fax program so it keeps redialing my cell every five to ten minutes for a couple hours til it gets tired. Well that is what happened in the past, today only 2 calls, but i expect more soon.

I did find out whose number it was last month though. Alejandra Vizoso Saylor. She’s a real estate agent in Florida who doesn’t know how to work her fax program (apparently) and who I think I spoke to last month, the last time this happened. On Sept 13 2007 I asked someone at 561-697-4122 to stop faxing me and they assured me they would. Unfortunately I got another call today, so FCC here I come.

Compliant number 07-T00049399 was just filed by me via the fcc’s website about this idiot agent. Hopefully they’ll come after her and ask her to stop junk faxing people. Hopefully she’ll stop…

If I get another call I’ll call her directly and inform her that I filed the complaint. If not, let her file out about it via google.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I got her info from here.