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upgrade time and a 360 complaint

so i’m having problems posting flash in wordpress lately… maybe its time to upgrade and possibly add an actual theme (instead of the default)… now to complain… cnn’s anderson cooper 360 recently started a new video podcast… unfortunately the audio is horrible. the voice audio only comes out the left channel and the soundeffects come out both channels very loudly… please fix now thank you…

The infamous Meta-Free-Phor-All

via Kottke
nothing to see here

pearl wants her rent

nothing to see… search google for the screaming 2 year old landlord will ya

Outside One-Eyed-Jacks

Outside One-Eyed-Jacksflickr photo from the quarter… i’ve been taking a lot of great pics lately, check out my flickr feed for more….

The photo was uploaded to Flickr at 28 Mar ’07, 9.35am CDT PST by schleifnet.

See a larger version at Flickr.

link pimping and web worthiness

bloggingneworleans seems to be very worthy and pimpy…

This website is worth

What is your website worth?

very interesting…

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