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Review of David Devaney, Jr.

My brother-in-law is an awesome actor and singer and more. Right now he is performing in the Fantastics in Houston. The Houston Chronicle says:

David Devaney Jr. and Mark X. Laskowski are hokey fun as the chuckleheaded dads.

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iTunes upgrade issues

I use iTunes to DJ various events and the upgrade to 7 has removed my window display shortcuts (command 1 for main window, cammand 2 for eq) found a fix though:

In System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts, I added for iTunes:

Menu Title “iTunes”
Keyboard Shortcut: ⌘1

Menu Title “Show Equalizer”
Keyboard Shortcut: ⌘2

You have to quit and relaunch iTunes for these to take effect, but they work to both show and hide the iTunes and equalizer windows.

via Apple Discussion Board

I left myspace

I left myspacecan’t stand it and never used it, so i left… if you want to cantact me use this site, that’s what its for, if you want my feelings… well talk to me, but publish private stuff online for predators and freaks no thanks… not meant as a slight to my friends who use the site, but it is totally pointless for someone who already pays a yearly hosting fee for an actually blog rather than the spacer stuff, if you really want to blog your emotions I recommend blogger or wordpress (both are free and better than myspace for looks and more)

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I’m back!!!

yay! after a number of days without service the site is back. Powweb (my host) was recently bought out and they started a server migration. This created huge problems for (mostly cause I though the manual path was best) and on finding out i had only a few days left til loss of service I called support for help. They migrated my site friday but didn’t migrate the database and then they moved the DB but i had no connections. Finally we’re done. If you’ve been trying to reach me feel free the click the contact link on the right! Oh an its high time I got around to actually creating a design for this site other than the basic WP install… as soon as i have internet access again at home I’ll get right on it…