spoof ebay email update

ebay sent a response about the spoof mail:


Thank you for writing to eBay regarding the email you received.

Emails such as this, commonly referred to as “spoof” or “phished”
messages, are sent in an attempt to collect sensitive personal or
financial information from the recipients.

The email you reported was not sent by eBay. We have reported this email
to the appropriate authorities.

In the future, be very cautious of any email that asks you to submit
information such as your credit card numbers or passwords. If you are
ever concerned about an email you receive from eBay, simply follow these

1. Open a new Web browser and type www.ebay.com into your browser
address field to go directly to the eBay site.

2. On eBay, click on the “My eBay” link at the top of the page and sign
into your account.

3. Check the “My Messages” link located on the left side of the My eBay
page. If an email affects your eBay account, it’s now in “My Messages.”
Any email sent to your registered eBay email address from eBay or from
another eBay member via eBay’s member-to-member communication system
will also appear in “My Messages.”

Just remember, if you get an email regarding a problem with your account
or that is requesting personal information, and the email looks like it
is from eBay, please check My Messages first. If it’s not there, it’s a
fake email.

If you still have any doubt about whether an email message is from eBay,
please forward it to spoof@ebay.com immediately. Do not respond to it or
click any of the links. Do not remove the original subject line or
change the email in any way when you forward it to eBay.

If you have already entered sensitive personal information, financial
information, or your password into a Web site based on a request from a
spoofed email, you should take immediate action to protect your identity
and all of your online accounts. We have developed an eBay Help page
with valuable information regarding the steps you should take to protect


To review eBay’s new tutorial about Spoof Emails, please see the
following Web page:


To help you better protect yourself from fake eBay and PayPal Web sites,
we have developed a feature for the eBay Toolbar called “Account Guard.”
Account Guard includes an indicator of when you are on an eBay or PayPal
Web site or a known spoof (or “phishing”) site, buttons to report fake
eBay Web sites, and a password notification feature that warns you when
you may be entering your eBay password on an unverified site.

To learn more about the eBay Toolbar with Account Guard, please go to
www.ebay.com, click on “Downloads” at the bottom of the page, and then
click on the “eBay Toolbar” link.

We also recommend that you keep your browser, operating system, and
virus protection software up to date. Check for updates at the “Windows
Update” link on www.microsoft.com and scan your computer for viruses

Once again, thank you for alerting us to the spoof email you received.
Your efforts help keep eBay a safe and fair place to trade.


eBay SafeHarbor
Investigations Team
The World’s Online Marketplace! ®

Important: eBay will not ask you for sensitive personal information
(such as your password, credit card and bank account numbers, Social
Security numbers, etc.) in an email. Learn more account protection tips



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