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All is ok for my wife and i (and our three cats) we are evacuated to atlanta and staying with my sister currently, we are waiting and watchin… my parent’s sat out the hurrican at the times picayune in new orleans… they are ok as far as we know: from my dad:
Well, it’s sure been an interesting couple of days.

Katrina has devastated New Orleans.
While it initially looked like we might have been spared a direct hit, this storm shows the unpredictable power of storm surge.
Water is pouring through a hole in a drainage canal hurricane protection levee and flooding a vast area of the city. While I haven’t been able to get to my home, I’m told that homes in neighboring blocks that are at higher elevation have eight feet of water in them.
Water is rising around the newspaper and basically everywhere else in the city itself, probably as a result of that breach.

No official estimates of dead, but I expect that a number of victims will be found trapped, drowned in homes. Our photographers spotted several dead bodies in floodwaters today.

On Canal and the Central Business District, many highrise buildings had exterior windows blown out.
American Red Cross officials predict that their response to this incident will be the equivalent of a combination of Hurricane Andrew and September 11 … and more.
And I believe it.
Based on tabletop exercises conducted earlier this year, it could take a month to six months to repair levees and pump water out of the city.
Water sitting in buildings for that long will exacerbate any structural damage, so much of the building stock will have to be replaced.
Rescues of trapped individuals could continue for a couple of days.
Officially, more than 800,000 in the metro area are without electricity, though its probably more than 1 million.
Water systems in New Orleans and neighboring communities have been compromised and it could be a week or more before they’re back to normal.

Diane and I are fine, although we’re hot and being careful to drink only bottled water.
Cell phones aren’t working, and our regular phones at the office are now dead. We’ve got a few analog lines for use of reporters.
You can read more about what’s going on here, and see some pretty amazing pix, by visiting our Web site at NOLA.COM.

i found this pic online and edited it for content:

17th street canal flooded

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