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Hurricane Katrina

August 30, 11:30 a.m. Update

This morning, Entergy has begun assessing damage caused by the worst storm in Entergy’s history. More than 1 million Entergy customers remain without power in Louisiana and Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina caused extensive damage. Due to the scope and amount of damage to its electrical system, Entergy expects a long and difficult restoration.

The number of reported customer outages peaked in Mississippi and Louisiana at nearly 1.1 million. Additional outages are possible due to the wet soil and occasional wind gusts.

The outage total has more than quadrupled the previous Entergy single event record of 270,000, set only last month during Tropical Storm Cindy. The record prior to that was 260,000 following Hurricane Georges in 1998.

Louisiana had a peak of 790,000 customers without power. In Mississippi, outage peaked at over 300,000.

Entergy crews were able to get some customers back online last night in areas that did not suffer heavy damage from Katrina. Company officials do not expect major restoration efforts to begin until after crews can assess the extent of the damage.

Entergy sincerely appreciates its customers’ patience and understanding during this emergency time.

· Hurricane Katrina leaves behind the largest number of power disruptions for a single event in the company’s history.

· More than a million Entergy customers are without power. The company expects a long and difficult restoration in the aftermath of the extensive damage caused by Katrina. Outage numbers at 11 a.m. by state are:







· Some additional outages could result due to wet soil and occasional strong wind gusts.

· The outages more than quadrupled the previous Entergy record of 270,000 set only last month during Tropical Storm Cindy. The record prior to that was 260,000 in Hurricane Georges in 1998.

· The transmission system has suffered major damage, with 124 transmission lines and 150 transmission substations out of service due to the storm. Assessment of the extent of the damage has begun today.

· Entergy workers have begun assessing damage today in accessible areas where it is safe to do so. Assessing the extensive damage could take many days. In many areas, restoration cannot begin until after the damage has been assessed.

· Entergy will concentrate on restoring service in areas where it is not inhibited by flood waters or other obstacles. The company will work toward the harder hit areas as the company gains access to those areas.

· Entergy has 4,000 line workers committed to restoring service, well below what the company would like to have for a restoration of this type due to limited worker availability from other utilities also affected by Katrina. Energy continues working to bring in additional restoration personnel. But neighboring utilities were hit hard by Hurricane Katrina and also are seeking additional help. Utilities in Florida that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina’s first landfall expect to complete their restoration and release their workers later this week. The company must share the additional workers with similarly affected utilities to the east, reducing the number of workers available to Entergy.

· Customers will experience extended power outages. The severe damage caused by Hurricane Katrina to Entergy’s system will require weeks to rebuild. Flooding, blocked access or other obstacles will hamper restoration. Entergy crews and contractors are prepared to work long hours, restoring service to customers as quickly and as safely as possible.

· Entergy sincerely appreciates its customers’ patience and understanding during this emergency. Entergy utility operating companies have contributed the majority of their local restoration workers to help restore service in Louisiana and Mississippi. Entergy will maintain sufficient personnel in the donor areas to handle emergencies, but the company will be slower responding to regular business needs.

· Entergy follows a restoration plan that concentrates on getting service restored to essential customers first, like hospitals, police, fire, communications, water, sanitary services and transportation providers. Then, Entergy crews turn their attention to making repairs to electrical facilities that will return service to the largest number of customers in the shortest period of time, then the next largest number and so on until power is restored to everyone.

· Entergy has put more people on the phones and more crews in the field to provide frequent status reports to local news media to make sure customers are well informed. Entergy is recognized in the industry as having one of the best-trained storm restoration teams in the county. The company has a well-rehearsed plan of action, which will be taxed due to the magnitude of this restoration.

· Entergy reminds customers to remain safe and stay away from downed power lines and flooded areas. Do not walk in standing water and do not venture into areas of debris, since energized and dangerous power lines may not be visible.

· Customers choosing to use portable electric generators should do so in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Customers must never connect a generator directly to a building’s wiring without a licensed electrician disconnecting the house wiring from Entergy’s service. Otherwise, it can create a safety hazard for the customer or Entergy’s linemen working to restore power. And it may damage the generator or the house wiring.

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