We are family

Happy FFAF – and Happy Passover to you!

So, you want to know who my favorite family member is? I used to always say it was my grandmother, but that made me feel guilty for picking her over my grandfather. Now that they’ve both passed away, I feel like I can’t pick just one of them.

My brother is definitely not in the running. He barely speaks to me, as he is way too involved in his “I’m 21 but I refuse to grow up – the world is mine” life to realize that, although we are very different people, we’re gonna wind up outliving everyone else in our family. I hope he figures that out one of these days.

My parents, for all their quirks and ways of getting on my nerves, are pretty cool. They’re the kind of parents you can go to a Van Halen concert with. Mom’s the strict parent who tries to prevent her kids from doing all the bad things she did when she was young. Dad watches Strange Love and Surreal Life.

I guess I can’t answer your question after all. I really do love my family, even if they drive me crazy!

Daria, the Diner Bitch

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