NewsFactor on merge; comments of know-nothing…

A whole slew of news outlets that buy their news from the same source, including the NewsFactor Network released a story on the merger today. the Story quotes another mistaken stock analyst who seems to think that Microsoft is in some sort of competition with two companies that it couldn’t hope to be ranked with. For the record… Adobe and Macromedia make design software for the print and web media… Microsoft makes operating systems, games, game hardware, and a word processing/office software suite… ms has yet to make anything near consumer quality software for the design market (frontpage and paint are crap products, just admit it already). Adobe is buying its only real competitor in the design market because Macromedia makes some of the best web related design software in the world, not to mention their design suite of applications mixed with their server offerings (which competes with microsoft but not in the way these moronic analysts seem to think).

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