Macworld looks at the merger and ms connection plus theft of my comments…

first off the theft:On a side note, I found a site today that is stealling my content and I would like to notify the own of that site(adobe-photoshop dot informationadvice dot info) that he disgusts me and he needs to go write his own stuff and stop stealling from others!
Second, Macworld has a short story on the merger as seen by a stock analyst who incorrectly thinks this is about competition with microsoft(a company who has yet to make any good design software). This is just another sample of someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about trying to get in the fray. the article does go on to mention the anti-trust issues this merger may bring up though. Also a check of the comments attached to the article brings up a good point: “Let’s say it together now so everyone can get it through their heads: Microsoft and Adobe are *NOT* direct competitors, in ANY sense of the word.”- Photonerd. I can’t agree with this more.

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