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“Passover” the FFAF…

Well that was lots of fun thanks to all who let me post and to all who posted here!

special thanks to:
Irishbreen | Born in a Zoo | Jade | valerie | Daria, the Diner Bitch

Happy FFAF

I am Irishbreen! My blog is so full of me, me and did I mention me? Ok you will find a little of the kids and the husband to be, but I’m not going to lie. It’s mainly about me. (chuckles)

My favorite family member? Ummmm. I really hate my family (soft subject). I could say my child but I have two and that wouldn’t be fair to have to choose just one…. you’ve stumped me here.

My favorite family member would have to be my dad. The first man in my life. He was strong and good willed. He also died from ALS. Check out my entry related to it.

Thanks for letting me share and happy passover.

Irish Breen

The bestest seester in the world

I am Bonnie.

My blog is at Born in a Zoo.

And, I’ll tell you about my sister.

Jeanne … she’s very even tempered, a great listener, an incredible wife and mom, she cooks bacon like no one else can, and knows more about football better than most men.

You Scratch My Back

….and I’ll scratch yours….

Or something like that!

On Free For All Friday it is my great pleasure to be able to leave my small footprint upon the blog world. Ok, maybe not-so-small footprint, but don’t get picky on me folks!

I thank the powers that be for this FFAF, for my 5 year old is being extremely high maintanence today, as if this were a new thing. I suppose maybe my patience is just wearing thin with this attitude of hers.
I can’t figure out how she became such a spoiled princess, for, anybody who knows me KNOWS that I am so not a spoiled princess. More like a spoiled QUEEN!

I’ve got some work to do with this kid!

~ Jade

Hard to say

Hard to say who the favorite family member is, it’s a close run between Hubby and Little Boy. So maybe I should just choose the dog to save everyone’s feelings?


Thanks for the Passover information, by the way!

Happy FFAF


We are family

Happy FFAF – and Happy Passover to you!

So, you want to know who my favorite family member is? I used to always say it was my grandmother, but that made me feel guilty for picking her over my grandfather. Now that they’ve both passed away, I feel like I can’t pick just one of them.

My brother is definitely not in the running. He barely speaks to me, as he is way too involved in his “I’m 21 but I refuse to grow up – the world is mine” life to realize that, although we are very different people, we’re gonna wind up outliving everyone else in our family. I hope he figures that out one of these days.

My parents, for all their quirks and ways of getting on my nerves, are pretty cool. They’re the kind of parents you can go to a Van Halen concert with. Mom’s the strict parent who tries to prevent her kids from doing all the bad things she did when she was young. Dad watches Strange Love and Surreal Life.

I guess I can’t answer your question after all. I really do love my family, even if they drive me crazy!

Daria, the Diner Bitch

A Passover Friday Free For All…

Matzah StarToday is Free-For-All Friday! Free for All means you can post whatever you want on my blog. Say what you want to say, share a link, complain about the wheels on your chair, etc…all you have to do is login and post! Need an idea of what to write? First off Tell me who you are and pimp your blog then tell me about your favorite family member. Today is the sixth day of the Jewish holiday of Passover. Passover is eight days long and started Saturday night with a great meal and the historic re-telling of the Jews exodus from Egypt. It is one of the four major harvest holidays in the Jewish calendar. For a week, we are not allowed to eat any kind of leavened (risen) bread or anything related to it (like foods with corn syrup and rice). This week I’ve been chowing down on matzah, matzah balls, gefite fish and macaroons! Hope I’m able to make it to everybody’s FFAF today and please enjoy. edit: wow, didn’t answer my own question… my wife… who else, take’s care of you when you’re sick and listens to you complain about work and puts up with you not cleaning the house enough?

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to
2. Login/Password: guest/freeforall
3. Enter a title, make the category “free for all”
4. Type what you want to type in “Post” and feel free to add technorati tags in the “Tags” box.
5. When you’re done, click “Publish”

1. Please keep it somewhat clean…if you don’t think I would post it, don’t. God forbid if I find spam or porn links…
2. Feel free to link your blog…just make sure you say who you are. (sign your post)
3. I reserve the right to edit/delete inappropriate posts (or those with really obvious spelling mistakes)
4. Please don’t link to images, since this is an artist portfolio site I prefer to have only my artwork here, your thoughts on anything are fine I just need to draw the line at image linking, thanks.

Have fun! Check the FFAF blogroll and a larger version of the art I created today using matzah and Passover as my inspiration after the jump.
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