Yet another Free For All…

iPod shuffle partsToday is Free-For-All Friday! Free for All means you can post whatever you want on my blog. Say what you want to say, share a link, complain about household appliances, etc…all you have to do is login and post! Need an idea of what to write? First off Tell me who you are and pimp your blog then tell me your most recent holiday celebration. Today is the Jewish holiday of Purim and My wife and I decided to create an iPod shuffle costume set. She was to be the silhouette and I was the iPod. I will be adding pictures to the jump at the end of the post by mid-day.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to
2. Login/Password: guest/freeforall
3. Enter a title, make the category “free for all”
4. Type what you want to type in “Post” and feel free to add technorati tags in the “Tags” box.
5. When you’re done, click “Publish” edit:oops, forgot to change permission, fixed now though

1. Please keep it somewhat clean…if you don’t think I would post it, don’t. God forbid if I find spam or porn links…
2. Feel free to link your blog…just make sure you say who you are. (sign your post)
3. I reserve the right to edit/delete inappropriate posts (or those with really obvious spelling mistakes)

Have fun! Oh and check out the art and the FFAF blogroll after the jump.

Laughing Man in a sketchbook

I will be adding more pics of the iPod advertisement costume later today.

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