Museum Parade

Oh, wow… I’ve been to many museums.

One of my favorites was the Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh. The art displays there were wonderful. It’s not like some other museums I’ve been to where you don’t know the names of the artists – these are guys who you learned about in elementary school. Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Goh. There are also dinosaurs. 🙂

I’ve been to the Smithsonian, of course, but not to any of the art galleries. There is never enough time, and the Museum of Natural History is a must-see if you’re in town no matter how many times you’ve been there. It’s been a long time since I was in the National Air and Space Museum, but that was really neat. They have (replicas?) the Wright brothers’ plane and the Apollo moon lander.

During our last trip to Washington, we missed visiting the new expansion building (it’s kind of out of town) for the Air and Space Museum, but I hear that they have an actual space shuttle and an SR-71 blackbird that you can look at. It’s fashioned like a giant hangar with all different eras of flying machines. Way cool.

The only museum I’ve been to in this area (Philadelphia) – which is a darn shame because the Museum of Art (you know, the building that Rocky runs up?) is supposed to be very good – is the Franklin Institute.

I know the Franklin Institute science museum like the back of my hand. It has a lot of hands-on physical science experiments that you can try, and they put on great shows. There was a series called the Science of Star Trek that was a very interesting comparison between real science and that used in the TV show.

I’ve been to a couple other interesting museums in Boston. Their science museum is nice. Boston is home to the Computer Museum, which houses several floors detailing the history of computers. They have a giant track-ball that you can climb on and control the cursor on a giant screen.

To aquariums count as museums? I’ve been to a couple of those, too. Camden has a nice new aquarium, and Baltimore’s aquarium was a great trip. I hear that the area has been cleaned up a lot since we went and it’s a much nicer day trip outing for families now.

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