Cell phone test

cell phone download test, second semester, final project, image gallery 4My second phone was a Samsung n400. Though it really sucked and the screen eventually broke in my pocket, I was able to do some cool things with it. The phone was one of the first that used the Sprint pcs vision service where you can connect to the internet on the phone and download stuff. After researching the topic I discovered you could create your own downloadable files for the phone. So i made this small photoshop project as a wall paper for the phone. I had to size it down to fit and create a small text file called a gcd file so the phone would know how to download the file. This work was created October 21, 2002. Click though to see a larger version of the work and for more information.

The gcd file contains the following:
Content-Type: image/jpeg
Content-Name: whoatest
Content-Version: 1.0
Content-Vendor: schleifstein.net
Content-URL: http://www.schleifstein.net/wp-content/photoshop
Content-Size: 754

The content type should be obvious here. The content name is the file name without the file extension. The version and vender tags contain information on who made the file. The content url shows the directory of the file and the content size is the size of the file in bytes. When you click a gcd file in a regular browser it will open as a text file, but if you link it on a 3g phone, like most phones out these days, it will download the described file. The problem with this setup is your cell phone provider makes no money off your free download, so some disable the ability to link to the file. Therefore, linking to the following gcd may not work for you.

The cell phone wallpaper downloader: whoa tester

cell phone download test

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