This week’s recommendation from is the ever-insightful Tron. This extremely entertaining movie features a character that gets a little to close with his computer and ends up literally joining the game. I really love owning and watching this film, even though the computers are dated. I have even heard rumors that a re-make is in the works updated and made current with the latest viruses and the latest villains… I could put a rude Bill Gates or Michael Dell remark here or even a Steve Jobs one, but… Tron has inspired many over the years and hopefully it will even inspire you. Remember you can help support this site by purchasing products from the links throughout the site.

1 Response to “Tron”

  • Great Movie. I remember seeing a double feature with that and Condorman, starring the ubiquitous Michael Crawford, of Phantom of the Opera fame, at a Drive In movie theater. Then of course I had to go back to a regular theater and see Tron again. I played the video game on Atari and in the arcades All the time. I’m adding it to my Wish List on Amazon now. I just have to remember to get it before the anniversary version is gone.

    Anyone played the New video game yet. I heard it was pretty decent but never had the chance to get it.

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