First time in Fifty (one) years

Light snow in New Orleans areaThis is a landscape style photo of traffic in the New Orleans area during an extremely rare event. The day this photograph was taken was the first time in fifty-one years that it had snowed in New Orleans on Christmas day. Why the one is in parenthesis in the title of this post? On the day after the snow the local newspaper reported that according to the weather records it had been fifty years since the last ‘white’ Christmas in the city, but this was actually a typo as a check of the records of the surrounding days found it was extremely unlikely it had snowed on a day between to days in the 70s and more likely it did on the day the year before. The photo shows an interestingly divided and active scene with strong still life elements, such as the hedge, in the foreground and enjoyable action in the background. Also you may notice the lack of visible snow in the piece as there was very little on the ground at the point when the photo was taken, so you’ll just have to believe that there was snow that day and enjoy the picture as is. The work was created December 25, 2004. Click through to see a larger version of the work.

Light snow

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